“Every day, people do the very best they can with what life gives them. And yet, even with our considerable resources, life can be overwhelming. We struggle. We can get stuck, our coping strategies fail us, our relationship to ourselves and others can unravel. Yet, there exists an enduring inner wisdom that we can all learn to access.  We can all recover what we have been missing. My hope is that regardless of their circumstances, folks will gather the strength and clarity to enjoy being in their lives ”.

Suzanne Lawrence, B.A. M.T.S.
Victoria B.C. / Edmonton AB.

Suzanne Lawrence is a highly experienced psychotherapist and counsellor serving the community for 30 years. Her diverse scope of practice includes trauma informed emotional, psychological and spiritual support with individuals, couples and families during life transitions. 

Suzanne has the ability to assess the best therapeutic approach for each client. She employs numerous clinical tools such as Strengths-Based Therapy, Body-Centered Psychotherapies, Relational Life Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, various addiction models, mindfulness, expressive therapies, spiritual inquiry and others. She engages each client without judgement and expectation. Her practice is grounded in her innate curiosity and desire to listen with patience and openness, allowing people to express who they are in trust, safety and confidentiality.  Suzanne appreciates the uniqueness of each person and her depth of understanding and compassion facilitates a process toward personal clarity and strength. 

Counselling Services

“I always recommend that clients come for an initial session. It gives them the opportunity to “check me out” and it gives me the opportunity to get a sense of what they are looking for and how I may help them. In this way we can decide together if this working relationship is something they want and if now is the best time for them.”

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Private and Confidential Sessions:  In-person at Suzanne’s home office, web-based or by phone

Private and Confidential Sessions:  In-person at Suzanne’s home office, web-based or by phone

Individual Sessions are 75 minutes in length.
Couples Sessions are 90 minutes in length.


“Money is often a difficult topic to discuss and can be an obstacle to our self-care. We will have a dialogue about this and find a way that will serve us, as well as the work.’  

Sliding Scale – $50.00 – $175.00 per session 

All interactions with Suzanne Lawrence, including scheduling of or attendance at appointments, content of your sessions, progress in counselling and your records are confidential.

More About Suzanne

Suzanne established her practice in Edmonton, Alberta in 1990.  She provided workshops, health seminars, public information forums and private sessions dealing with addictions, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  

In 2003, Suzanne graduated from the Masters of Theology program at St. Stephens College in Edmonton.  Along with her private practice, her work as a hospital Chaplain established a new dimension to her work.  She saw the need to practice at a deeper, more meaningful level with all the people in her life.  In 2017 she became a Certified Funeral Celebrant to support folks at one of the most extraordinary times in their lives. She recognises our capacity to engage in grief and loss determines our ability to express our joy and freedom.

Suzanne is devoted to her own professional and personal development.  She considers herself fortunate to have trained with some of the most innovative and experienced pioneers in her field.  As a lifelong student, Suzanne maintains connections with her own teachers and therapists.  She serves the whole community as a clinical supervisor, volunteer, teacher, advocate and mentor for other health care professionals.

Suzanne relocated to Victoria B.C. ten years ago.  Along with the west coast lifestyle, she enjoys the company of her children, grandchildren and dear friends.  She is close to her prairie roots and is always moved by the sound of geese flying overhead.  

Professional Development and Training:

“I am grateful to my teachers and mentors for their guidance, wisdom and commitment.  They teach me to be open and willing to see life in new ways.  When I am listening, I hear them too.”

  • Terry Real: Relational Life Institute (Intergenerational Trauma, Couples Therapy)
  • Mark Wolynn: Constellation Family Systems (Intergenerational Trauma)
  • Dr. Bruce Tift: Psychotherapy and Buddhism; Naropa University
  • Glenda Stansbury: Funeral Celebrancy
  • Dr. Sue Johnson: Emotion Focused Therapy (Couples Therapy)
  • Jon Eisman: Hakomi and Re-Creation of the Self (Body-Centered Psychotherapy)
  • Meredith Oening-Hodgson: Jungian Depth Psychology & Art Therapy
  • Dr. Gabor Mate’: Addictions and Trauma
  • Dr. Neil Elford: Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education
  • Adyashanti, Gangaji, Eckart Tolle: Non-Dual Spirituality  

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